What is Bazoo Bamboo Toilet Paper, Who Makes It and Why?

August 30, 2021

At Greener Guest, we really want you to feel a connection to the suppliers whose products you buy to use in your business.  We believe this is a great way for you to choose who you want to work with based on your own ethical and environmental requirements.

This time we meet the two founders of Bazoo, a bamboo toilet paper that would look great in any guest or customer bathroom.

Can you tell us, what was your primary motivation for creating Bazoo toilet paper?

Tom and I having met at university, initially bonded over our passion for the environment and have always shared a love for the earth and the beautiful species within it.

We were increasingly shocked by constant news of increases in the earth’s temperatures and how they were affecting every aspect of the natural world. It is heartbreaking to see incredible landscapes and one-of-a-kind species disappear and know that the damage done will be irreversible.

We’ve always agreed with the saying “there is no planet B”. So, Tom and I, having always wanted to start something innovative, knew that if we were to start a business in 2021 that it had to put sustainability first and be at the core of our business. That’s when Bazoo was born!

What problem does Bazoo solve?

Bazoo toilet paper is made from 100% bamboo pulp. Bamboo is a super-plant which is much more sustainably farmed than hardwood trees used for regular toilet paper. This is because less water, zero fertiliser and zero irrigation are required to grow the bamboo. The bamboo also grows 30 times faster than hardwood trees, and is self-generating,  meaning that both the growing and 

 re-growing process are extremely efficient and effective. This allows Bazoo to help make an impact in reducing deforestation (15% of which is globally caused by toilet paper), and avoid the 27,000 trees that are cut down a day to produce regular toilet paper. Read more about the advantages of bamboo.

What makes Bazoo Bamboo Toilet Paper a fit for the hospitality sector?

Well, everyone uses toilet paper right? And will continue to for the foreseeable future!

Due to the current climate crisis, all companies in the hospitality sector who don’t already look at their carbon emissions and try to reduce them will probably be forced to very soon, and hopefully want to make that impactful change too.

Bazoo hopes to help all kinds of businesses in the hospitality sector, both large and small, to provide them with carbon negative toilet paper that they can use to then offset some of their carbon emissions with also. This is only possible because Bazoo offset twice the amount of their carbon emissions, that’s 200%!

What are the social and or environmental impacts associated with Bazoo Bamboo Toilet Paper?

Bazoo’s products are all made from 100% FSC certified bamboo. The Forest Stewardship Council make sure all the bamboo is ethically sourced and all employees are working in suitable conditions, paid fairly and all their human rights met.

Bazoo also donate to two UK-based charities: Just One Ocean and Rainforest Trust UK, who’s work and research both help achieve a greener future. Each toilet paper product is made with zero plastic, 100% recycled and recyclable wrappers, and soy ink is used to print on the packaging. Even Bazoo’s white toilet rolls are made with totally chlorine-free bleach, as opposed to chlorine bleach used in regular toilet paper, meaning that no harmful chemicals enter any waterways or harm the earth’s oceans.

Furthermore, Bazoo was founded on three main pillars: to raise public awareness of consumer habits and the impact these have, to put sustainability at the core of every aspect of the business and to revolutionise consumers and the public into making positive changes in their own lives, no matter how big or small.

Therefore Bazoo is forward facing, and looking to create long term impact that will benefit the earth and its eco-systems for many generations.

Finally, what practical advice would you offer to hotels / hospitality businesses that would like to use Bazoo Bamboo Toilet Roll?

Increasing your eco-credentials and becoming more sustainable can be overwhelming for many businesses, especially if they haven’t thought about it before and that’s okay.

Everyone is moving toward sustainability together and we need to help one another. Bazoo toilet paper is all 3-ply and luxuriously soft for excellent quality. Our toilet paper can be a great way for hospitality businesses to  offset some of their carbon emissions easily and hassle-free.

We offer wholesale discounts on larger quantities of toilet paper ordered which include good margins to be made if products are to be sold on. We also offer a subscription service which allows businesses to set a frequency of deliveries if they desire to make re-stocking even more hassle-free.

If you’re still unsure – request a sample via Greener Guest and try it for yourself, otherwise click on any of the buttons below to make your order.

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  1. I am concerned about air miles for transporting loo roll which is why I have avoided one of the most popular brands. How far does your loo roll have to travel to the uk please? Thank you for your concern for the planet.

    1. Dear Judith, many thanks for your question. As you can imagine, the bamboo is grown at quite a distance from the UK. Bazoo work with a reputable manufacturer in China and they ocean freight their shipments to the UK, nothing is air-freighted. Bazoo also undertake a lot of other activities not just to offset carbon but to be carbon negative. You can find out more about that in their supplier story, the tab for which is just underneath the product description.

  2. A bamboo tree is a fast-growing tree rather then the other tree. The bamboo toilet paper is Organic Toilet Paper because the bamboo sheet get easily decomposed and that makes them safe for all disposal systems.

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Jo Hendrickx
Jo Hendrickx
Jo is a sustainability professional living in Gran Canaria with over 20 years of experience in the global tourism industry. She has worked extensively with hotels and accommodation providers around the world since 2001 helping managers to navigate the health, safety, quality and sustainability expectations of tour operators. Increasingly concerned with the impacts of unnecessary plastics, Jo was motivated to create Travel Without Plastic to support those hotels that want to make a difference.
Sanmarie Grobler
Sanmarie is the co-founder of Bazoo, the worlds first and only carbon negative toilet paper! This is because the company calculates and offsets 200% of the emissions it emits so when customers buy Bazoo they are helping to remove emissions from our earth’s atmosphere. Amazing! The rolls are made from 100% FSC certified bamboo toilet paper range, bamboo has many incredible qualities and makes it much more sustainable to farm and harvest than regular hardwood trees and actually recycled toilet paper too! Change the way you look after your Bazoo – with Bazoo!

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