7 Standard Operating Procedures

single-use plastic
in your hotel

Ideal for accommodation providers of all styles and sizes.  These practical and straightforward operating procedures give you the confidence to make changes that will reduce single-use plastic and still keep you staff and guests safe.

Due to the current concerns regarding the Covid-19 pandemic it’s understandable that the immediate response was to focus on the use of harsh chemicals designed to kill the virus. Now that the scientific evidence has developed it’s important to ensure that cleaning chemical usage is reviewed and where possible replaced or at least reduced by means of utilising established eco-friendly cleaning methods and products. 

Reducing the quantity of single use disposable packaging associated with condiments provided in restaurants.

Maintaining appropriate hygiene standards for guest use remote controls (for TV’s and air conditioning units) has always been difficult due to the nature of the devices. This issue has become even more significant due to the Covid-19 pandemic and this SOP addresses the cleaning of these items.

Provide guidance on the provision of straws for guest use that are both sustainable and hygienic.

Reducing the quantity of materials/packaging associated with tea/coffee provision in guest rooms.

To provide guidance on the provision of in-room guest amenities (shower caps, sewing kits, cotton buds etc) and toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, shower gel). Traditionally toiletries and amenities have automatically been provided in guest rooms, however in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and changing perceptions around single-use plastic, there is significant scope for review. The convenience of providing amenities should not be overlooked, but these items can be a contingency when guests have forgotten something, rather than necessity. The exception is the provision of soap or gel for handwashing which should always be considered as essential. Soap or handwashing gel should be provided in a manner that avoids the use of disposable single use packaging.

Provide guidance on the requirements associated with the provision of water dispensing equipment for the filling of water bottles.

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