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Build a stronger, more sustainable business that doesn't rely on single-use plastic.

Brought to you by the team behind Travel Without Plastic, the Greener Guest Learning Zone is a resource centre to help tourism businesses reduce single-use plastic and find more sustainable ways of doing business. It’s designed to be a practical and fun way of bringing sustainability to life for everyone in the industry no matter what your role or where you work.

The Greener Guest Learning Zone is for you if:​

The Greener Guest Learning Zone will equip you with the knowledge, tools and resources to help you make more sustainable choices.

Why learn through the Greener Guest Learning Zone?​

Our Courses

Whether you're a hotel manager, housekeeping, or bar staff, we have courses to suit your role.


What our students have to say

"A great tool for all hotels who are dedicated to reduce plastic waste in times of the pandemic and beyond. The webinar provides in-depth insight and very helpful practical tips. We will definitely recommend it among our tourism industry members."
Swantje Lehners
Sustainability Manager, Futouris
"The e-learning gives very complete, practical and actionable information on how to adapt to the current circumstances in a less wasteful way. Would recommend for anyone looking to implement better practices in hospitality!"
Anke Kampschreur
Managing Director, Innovation Lighthouse
"The Greener Guest Learning Zone is a useful and interactive tool that explains why preventing the spread of COVID-19 does not mean an increased use in single-use plastics. The training contains a lot of knowledge with practical tips and examples of what can be done to reduce single-use plastics in hotels. It's quick and easy to use and hugely important for the fight against plastic pollution."
Michelle Groothedde
Certifications, Compliance and Quality Control Specialist, Travelife
"The training on reducing plastic and maintaining hygiene standards is a valuable resource for all tourism establishments that do not want to accept to reintroduce single-use plastics, but at the same time are unsure about safe alternatives during the pandemic. It is easily understandable, gives hands-on examples and motivates to take immediate action."
Isabel Lissner
International Green Key Coordinator

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