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Customisable Guest Room Key Cards | Varied Materials | Pack of 5000

Pack of 5000

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(£0.36 per unit)

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Customisable key cards can be made from one of three choices of materials:

  • PPH Bioboard
  • Reycled PVC
  • Wood/Cork

PPH Bioboard is FSC certified, cards are printed with a non-toxic protective ink to avoid the laminated plastic overlay and they are extremely durable for repeated use.

Recycled PVC cards are made from discared PVC or PVC diverted from waste .  For each kilo of PVC recycled, 2kg of CO2 can be saved.  PVC cards can include contact, contactless (RFID) and dual face technologies.

Wooden cards are offered from a variety of options including bamboo, birch, walnut, maple, cherry and beech.  Cards are available with magnetic strips as well as RFID chip technologies compatible with all major hotel lock and access control systems.

As your needs are likely to be varied, please contact us to place an order or to find out more

Additional information

Standards and Certifications


Recycled PVC, PPH Bioboard, Wood

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Items per Pack 5000
Ink Details

All inks are non-toxic

Environmental Impact
As PrintPlast and Cardzgroup we have zero-tolerance policy against forced labour, child labour, undeclared labour, active and passive bribery and all forms of harassment and bullying.  We comply with safety regulations and directives and take all reasonable and necessary precautions to maintain a safe and healthy working environment.  We value and respect diversity and inclusion (Cardzgroup South Africa LEVEL 1 BEEE)
In terms of sustainability standards we choose our materials with certain criteria in mind.  In our production we use:
  • Recycled PVC (Available with material reports, specs and reference letter)
  • PPH Bioboard (Own R&D material with least CO2 generated any other materials)
  • Wood (FSC Certified natural wood)
  • Chips do not contain dangerous chemicals or elements and are RoHS/ REACH certified
We are also active on charity donations in specific awareness months, for example we selected a well known cancer research foundation for breast cancer awareness month and donated a percentage of clients’ order, and sent the receipt to them.
Additionally we plant a tree with every order by partnering with
Standards and Certifications

FSC - Forest Stewardship Council: An international non-profit, multistakeholder organization established in 1993 that claims to promote responsible management of the world’s forests .

Packaging Disposal

Packaging is made from recycled paper which can go back into paper/cardboard recycling to continue a circular loop.

Product Disposal

No matter which material you have chosen, the magnetic strip and RFID chip will need to be removed in order for the cards to be recycled.  This can be done by hand.

Once the magnetic strip or RFID technology is removed, dispose of as follows:

Recycled PVC – Dispose of with plastic recycling

PPH Bioboard – Dispose of with paper or cardboard waste

Wood and Cork – Dispose of with paper or cardboard waste

If you are unable to separate the magnetic strip and RFID technology the cards should be disposed of with general waste.


The lead time on orders is between 3-4 weeks, deliveries are undertaken by TNT EXPRESS AIRFREIGHT and are shipped from Shenzhen, China.  


Refunds will be issued in full for any products which are faulty or not working as expected.  



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