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Sanitary napkin bag dispenser, suitable for use with Fab Little Bag sustainably sourced sanitary bags.

The perfect solution for hotels and hospitality businesses, event centres, offices and shops.  The sanitary napkin bag dispenser holds up to 40 FabLittleBags at a time and its design allows users to extract one bag at a time, making it extra hygienic.

It can be wall or door mounted using adhesive or screws.  The dispenser is made from ABS recyclable plastic and has an anti-microbial coating to further enhance hygiene.

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Environmental Impact

Around 2.5 million tampons and 1.4 million pads are flushed down the toilet in the UK alone EVERY DAY!  By making it easy for people to become binners rather than flushers, this sanitary napkin bag dispenser helps to prevent sanitary products from becoming marine plastic pollution.

The bags are made from sugarcane waste which is mixed together with recycled LDPE plastic and a small amount of renewable cornstarch so it doesn’t depend on fossil fuels.

From a social perspective, the bag helps women and girls to feel confident in managing their period responsibly.

Packaging Disposal Recyclable
Product Disposal Recyclable

Should the sanitary napkin bag dispenser need to be diposed of, dispose with plastic recycling.


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Loopeeze Ltd

I invented Fab Little Bag for two main reasons.  One was to ensure that women and girls were never made to feel awkward or embarrassed about doing the right thing and binning their period products.  This is particularly important to me as it stems from a personal experience when I was made to feel both of those things at a dinner party at a friend’s house.  There was no bin in the bathroom so I ended up having to wrap products in heaps of loo roll and smuggle them around the house in my handbag!

Secondly, after researching this topic in depth and finding out that millions of saniarty products are flushed every day in the UK alone, I wanted to educate and convert flushers to being binners and help to minimize the level of pollution this causes in our river sand oceans.

The bags are made 60% from sugar cane waste, 30% from recycled PE and 10% from renewable cornstarch. The glue is vegan. The dispenser unit is made from recyclable plastic.

We're also really proud to have won or been finalists in a number of innovation categories in the UK:

Finalist 2021 EveryWoman Innovator in Tech Awards
Winner: NatWest British Entrepreneur Awards- 2018
Winner: London Business School Innovation Award - Innovation 2018
Winner: Future Water Association Award - Innovation 2018
Voted: The 50 most disruptive UK Companies in 2017
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