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Halo Coffee Pods | 100% home compostable | Nespresso Compatible

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The world’s best coffees, in a way that’s best for the world.

100% home compostable Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules.  

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Packaging Disposal


Product Disposal


Lungo, Pacamara, Daterra Moonlight, Honduras, Halo Minus Peruvian Andes (Decaff)

Pack size

10, 20, 80

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User Guidance

Halo is compatible with your Nespresso® Original Home systems.

Environmental Impact

The coffee capsule industry produces more than 60 billion capsules per year, contributing a considerable amount of plastic and aluminium waste that are used for less than a minute and will stick around for the next 500 years. Halo capsules utilise waste sugar cane, a by-product of the sugar cane industry, to create a fully home compostable pod that degrades naturally within 28 days. Halo capsules provide the convenience of pod coffee without costing the world.

Standards and Certifications


Packaging Disposal Home Compostable, Recyclable

When your order arrives, you can recycle the outer postal box.

The Halo box, outer wrap, insert and sticky label can either be thrown in your compost with your used capsules, or recycled. 

Product Disposal Home Compostable

Our Halo coffee pods are home compostable and conform to EN13432 standard so they will naturally compost within 4 weeks, depending on atmospheric conditions.


Shipped from United Kingdom

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Halo Coffee

We produce and supply the worlds first fully home compostable Nespresso compatible coffee capsule and home compostable packaging. Our capsules will break down to fertile soil in the home compost in as little as 3 weeks and the packaging in 3 months,saving the 500 years of landfill pollution that plastic and metal capsules can produce.

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