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Reduce single-use plastic and meet hygiene expectations without compromising the guest experience and without the price tag of a consultant.

The 3-phase approach in the toolkit has been specifically designed to do the hard work for you, saving you significant time and costs so that you can get on with making a positive difference.

  • Quickly and easily monitor how much plastic is consumed by your business and how much it costs with our monthly, quarterly or annual spreadsheet, pre-formatted to save you time.
  • Use our Self-Assessment Checklist for your own business to make sure you capture all of the places single-use plastic is used, especially those that aren’t so obvious like tea bags or VIP gift sets
  • Feel confident to make changes after reading the Let’s Reduce Single-Use Guide – packed full of inspiration and practical ideas for a range of accommodation types, budgets and guest demographics (updated and emailed to you annually at no extra cost)
  • Create plastic reduction ambassadors amongst staff with our detailed workshop templates and powerpoint presentations designed to engage staff whilst saving you significant preparation time
  • Keep our TOP TIPS documents handy, they are particularly useful for your purchasing department to help them understand whether alternatives really are as green as they seem!
  • Use our Standard Operating Procedures to help reduce single-use plastic whilst keeping staff and guests safe
  • Communicate your sustainability initiatives more confidently with our Sustainable Communications Guide
  • Incease your sustainability profile with our Communications Guide – perfect for marketing and social media teams

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Travel Without Plastic

We work with the hospitality industry around the world to help businesses make infomed decisions about strategies and processes to reduce single-use plastic without compromising the guest experience or hygiene expectations. We heavily promote product elimination as a first step rather than the simple replacement of single-use plastic products with other single-use products.
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