Reusable Face Mask | Made from Recycled Coffee Grounds | Washable | Replacement Filters Also Available

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Wake up and smell the coffee!

A luxuriously elegant, reusable, nano filtration mask made entirely from recycled materials including recycled coffee grounds and coffee cups. Replacement nano filters can also be added to your order.

This innovative and environmentally friendly mask has a gorgeous coffee fragrance, making mask wearing a pleasure rather than a chore. The stylish, unisex design offers multi layer protection, helping to shield airborne particles including bacteria, germs and pollution.

This unique face mask is made from coffee yarn, a material made from waste coffee grounds, that provides a soft face covering with anti microbial and deodorising qualities.

  • Breathable, Washable, Naturally Scented
  • Multi Layer Protection, 99% dual anti-bacterial technology, Nano Filtration
  • Environmentally Friendly, Suitable for Sensitive Skin

Additional features include UV protection and flaps to provide optional anti-mist function (ideal for glasses wearers).

Additional information

Weight .025 kg
Dimensions 15 × 20 × 0.3 cm

Black, Blue, Brown, Grey, White, Replacement Filter

Country of Origin

Product Disposal

Raw Materials

Packaging Disposal

Shipped To

, , ,

Items per Pack 1
Shelf Life 5-10 years (Nano filter recommended use is 30 days for maximum hygiene)
User Guidance

THE MASK – is woven from coffee yarn  – a ‘super’ fabric that is robust, waterproof and sustainable. Inside the outer shell of the mask is an inner layer, also made from coffee yarn and soft enough for sensitive skin. This framework holds the removable filter in place. THE FILTER – has been designed incorporating the latest technology and combines coffee with silver (a well documented antimicrobial, effective in killing bacteria, fungi and certain viruses). The filter is AATCC 100 Certified by Qualtest – the US textile industry standard for antimicrobial fabric performance. The filter is not suitable for washing and can be used for 30 days (actual lifetime will depend on the amount of use). Masks are washable at low temperatures, remove interior filter prior to washing

Raw Materials Coffee Grounds
Environmental Impact

An environmentally friendly alternative to single-use plastic PPE, these face masks are made from upcycled coffee ground and takeaway coffee cups which would otherwise have gone to waste. The coffee yarn used in the mask manufacture is a sustainable material which requires less water to produce than cotton. Manufactured in socially and environmentally responsible factories in Vietnam.

Country of Origin Vietnam
Packaging Disposal Non Recyclable

To maintain the integrity of the nano filter used in the mask, plastic is currently used for packaging but is unfortunately not recyclable at this time. (The manufacturers are trialling alternatives that cut the amount of plastic packaging  by 80%).

Product Disposal Naturally Biodegradable

The outer mask can last for 5-10 years. At the end of its life the metal studs can be removed and the mask can either be sent for fabric recycling or will degrade naturally in industrial composting facilities or landfill.


Shipped to Isle of Man and Isles of Scilly, Mainland UK, Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands and Islands

Shipped from United Kingdom


AirX UK is a supplier of high quality products made from materials that would otherwise have gone to waste such as coffee grounds. The company applies modern science and technology to produce green product lines by bio-composite materials utilisation. The company slogan "More Coffee Less Plastic" puts it succinctly. 

In the UK it is estimated 1500 tonnes of face masks and gloves are being thrown away each month. To put this into perspective, this would cover a football pitch twice over! AirX UK is committed to reducing waste by selling products that enable a greener and eco-conscious lifestyle. AirX UK will only supply products that reduce waste and help consumers to recycle and reuse products. By manufacturing products from waste they are also reducing the amount going to landfill. 

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