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Sustainable Communications eGuide

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Provided digitally, the Sustainable Communications Guide is specifically written to help businesses communicate sustainability activity to customers.

Written by Travel Without Plastic and renowned sustainability author and thought leader, Jeremy Smith, the Sustainable Communications Guide will show you how to talk to customers about sustainability in a sincere and engaging way,  explain what you are doing clearly and simply and encourage customers to come along with you, on your sustainability journey. It also outlines the key guiding principles when it comes to communicating  sustainability, to help maintain the integrity of the business and avoid the greenwash trap.

  • Covers the key guiding principles to ensure integrity throughout the communications journey
  • Helps you to uncover your true brand identity or story
  • Includes a series of exercises to involve staff in the communications approach
  • Top 20 insights from Jeremy’s professional career in how best to communicate sustainability

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Travel Without Plastic

We work with the hospitality industry around the world to help businesses make infomed decisions about strategies and processes to reduce single-use plastic without compromising the guest experience or hygiene expectations. We heavily promote product elimination as a first step rather than the simple replacement of single-use plastic products with other single-use products.
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