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Tersano iClean Mini™



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The Tersano iClean Mini™ is a portable handheld device that turns tap water into a safe, effective cleaner, sanitiser, and deodoriser at the click of a button.

Utilising the power of Stabilized Aqueous Ozone cleaning, the iClean Mini™ is a safe, effective cleaner and sanitizer, stronger than bleach – but without the hazardous odours, fumes, or toxic residues that come with traditional cleaning chemicals. With the press of a button, the iClean Mini™ instantly creates an oxidising solution that is safe for people, yet tough on dirt, germs, and odour.

With the iClean Mini™, all you need to do is charge, fill and clean. Your portable cleaner will do the rest. It transforms normal drinking water into an effective handheld cleaner and sanitiser. At the press of a button, a high voltage electrical current is injected into the water, creating instant Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO™). This is sprayed directly onto the surface, killing 99.999% of harmful bacteria.

The iClean Mini™ replaces the need for all-purpose cleaners, stainless steel cleaners, glass cleaners and deodorisers. Through smart Stabilized Aqueous Ozone cleaning, you can transform the way in which you clean.  It’s ideal for:

  • Kitchen and bathroom surfaces
  • Food areas
  • Carpets and rugs
  • Car interior and exterior
  • Streak free glass and mirrors
  • Non-porous surfaces
  • Toys and play areas
  • Cleaning fruits, vegetables and salads
  • Neutralizing odours

100% allergy free, no irritation and won’t trigger any respiratory issues.  Tested and approved to food safety and hygiene standards.

The IClean Mini ™ works perfectly well on its own, however the SAO filter cartridges can provide optimal performace by removing minerals from tap water  in hard and soft water areas.  1 pack of cartridges lasts approximately 12 months (depending on water quality and use).

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SAO Filter Cartridges

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User Guidance

Fill with cold tap water only.

Environmental Impact

The iClean Mini ™ is entirely chemical-free meaning that there are no toxic chemical residues in the air or making their way into water systems and it removes the need for plastic bottles.  It is  better for housekeeping staff and others who use it as it protects people with allergies, sensitive skin or respiratory issues from the harsh effects of cleaning chemicals.

It kills up to 99.999% of all harmful bacteria, keeping your staff, guests and customers safe.

Packaging Disposal Recyclable

The cardboard packaging can be disposed of with paper/card recycling.  The expanded foam protective cover is technically recyclable but this will depend on your local facilities, it may need to be disposed of with general waste.

Product Disposal

Should it become necessary to dispose of the iMini, please check with your waste management facility on how to dispose of it responsibly.


Shipped to Mainland UK


Refunds are only applicable to goods that are returned unopened. 


Returns and exchanges must be agreed in advance within a maximum time period of 14 days after purchase and will only be applicable to damaged or faulty goods.   

Purozo UK

In an industry that struggles to find the perfect cleaning products which are cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly, chemicals are often the easiest go-to solution. However, after being introduced to a revolutionary Canadian system called Lotus® Pro by Tersano, we knew this was the perfect fit for our new company, a flagship product that offers exactly that.

It was upon this discovery that we decided to create the company and offer people products that really change the way we think of cleaning and since then we've gone from strength to strength as businesses around the UK look to significantly reduce their environmental impacts.   The iClean Mini is a great way to capture the power of Stabilised Aqueous Ozone for small businesses and is a fantastic visual demonstration and talking point with guests.  


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